Our Japanese language courses are conducted in an at home atmosphere in small classes of 3 to 5 students.
We are conveniently located in the heart of Umeda, and you can choose a course based on your availability and
goals in studying. Our instructors have over 15 years experience in teaching and are fully confident and competent.
One trial lesson will make you feel like starting Japanese lessons with us!


JLPT Course


Classes are small in number. Classes cover daily conversation and will help students use Japanese confidently in a variety of situations, including at work. We also help students study for entering universities or vocational schools in Japan.

Conversation Course


3 months = 1 term, 2 times/wk or 1 time/wk. Practical conversation oriented classes; mostly for business people and their families. We put stress on the balance between practical phrase exercises applicable to daily life and grammar structure.

Private lesson/Corporate lesson


Private small group lessons and intensive business training in Japanese can be arranged at a flexible time and place. We are ready to submit a lesson plan/estimate with a clear explanation of gcost vs. effecth

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