Private Lesson/Corporate Lesson

Private small group lessons and intensive business training in Japanese can be arranged at a flexible time and place. We are ready to submit a lesson plan/estimate with a clear explanation of gcost vs. effecth

Elementary Classes

  Inside the school Outside the school
Pperson \4,500^hour \7,000^hour
Qperson \3,000^hour \4,500^hour
Rperson \2,500^hour \4,000^hour

New students are required to pay a \10,500 registration fee.
The above fees are for each person.
Course material fee is not included.
The tuition fee needs to be paid at least one week prlor to the actual lesson.
These lessons can be canceled or postponed. Just notify us by 4:00pm the day before the scheduled class or lesson. ( If the day before is Sunday or a holiday, please notify us before that holiday. )
Transportation fee for the instructor is to be paid separately, if the course is outside the school.
A discount of 5% will be offered for the payment of 11 hours lessons or more, and likewise, 10% for 31 hours or additional hours.

Others : (1) Fees are not refundable.
(2) Lack of enrollment may necessitate the cancellation or combining of some classes.
(3) When a teacher is absent from illness or other unavoidable situations classes may be made up at a later date or classes may be grouped together or taught by a substitute.
(4) Classes cannot be made up in case of transportation strike or natural disaster.

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